The Toyota Camry Hybrid is playing a new part in making the country more environmentally friendly. Once a Camry Hybrid is no more, its battery can have a second life. Batteries will be used to create sustainable power at Yellowstone National Park. This innovative distributed energy system will blend solar power generation with recycled Camry Hybrid battery packs to produce more reliable, sustainable, zero-emission power for the ranger station and education center at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus in Yellowstone National Park!

The system at Yellowstone National Park is the first of its kind to re-use hybrid battery packs for commercial energy. Before installing the system, each battery pack was disassembled and its various components tested to ensure quality and performance. Toyota also engineered additional components particularly for this program, including an online battery management system for each individual pack. The management system will maximize the battery’s power and provide more insight as to its real-world performance in the new capacity.

Over the past 30-plus years, the Toyota Camry has proven itself to be quite the reliable ride, time and time again. With more than 90% of Camry models sold over the past 10 years still on the road today, there’s no question about its dependability and everlasting nature. Then in 2007, Toyota gave its prizewinner a gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain option, and the Camry Hybrid was born. Since its inception, the Camry Hybrid has proven itself to be as outstanding as its more traditional counterpart, helping to pave the way for other eco-friendly vehicles and making hybrids more mainstream. Now, it’s evident that its sustainable powertrain is helping make the country greener in every way it can.

This is just the latest in Toyota’s efforts toward global sustainability. Learn more about all the automaker is doing to help Yellowstone National Park and the Lamar Buffalo Ranch by checking out the above video. To do your part, visit our Toyota dealership serving Willow Grove, PA, and drive home in your own efficient Camry Hybrid or other hybrid today!