Did you know that this week is National Pet Week? It’s a special time of year when you have the chance to celebrate the bond between you and your favorite furry four-legged friend. In honor of National Pet Week, we thought we’d help you get ready for the summer by providing you with some tips for taking Fido along with you in the car. We know how much you love to travel with your dog, and want to help you ensure your pet is always as safe as you are when riding in the car.


Check out our helpful list of tips for road-tripping with your favorite pooch:


Tips for Traveling with a DogSafety Tips:

It’s never safe for your dog to move freely about the cabin of your vehicle while you’re driving. Besides being a distraction for the driver, it’s not safe if you’re involved in an accident. If that does happen, your pet could be seriously injured. Plus, you don’t want your dog to press something they’re not supposed to, like the gas pedal!

  • Make sure your dog is safely buckled into the backseat of your vehicle or confined in a crate. If you’re involved in an accident, an unrestrained dog could easily be thrown around the cabin.
  • Always buckle your dog into the backseat. If an airbag deploys in the front, your pet could be injured.
  • Never leave your dog unattended for long periods of time in a hot or cold car.
  • If you’re taking your pet on a trip far from home, have a microchip put in it before you go. If you don’t want to do that, make sure it has a proper ID tag attached to its collar with your cell phone number.
  • Learn the name of an emergency animal clinic near where you’re heading, just in case! This is especially important if your dog is getting up there in age.

What to Pack for the Pup:

Before you hit the road on a longer trip, you always make sure you have all the essentials for your family. It’s no different for Fido! Your pup needs its snacks and some activities for the ride, too. Here’s our list of essentials:

  • A spill-proof water bowl
  • Your dog’s regular food and favorite treats
  • Any medications it needs regularly
  • Long-lasting edible chews and strong chew toys
  • Fido’s favorite toys — just maybe not the ones that squeak when he or she chews them
  • A leash, crate or exercise pen so your dog can stretch its legs when you do


Overnight Advice:

If you’re planning your family vacation and bringing the dog along, chances are you’ll be away from home overnight. Be sure to check in advance if you hotel accommodates pooches, too!

  • If you’re still in the planning stages, check out helpful websites like dogfriendly.com, www.bringfido.com and www.hotels.com to find a pet-friendly hotel you like that will welcome Fido, too.
  • Already booked? Call ahead or look online to make sure your hotel allow dogs.
  • Be sure to ask about pet policies — some hotels don’t allow dogs at all, while others might ask for a pet deposit or fee. Know before you go!


No matter which type of car you’re driving or which of the Conicelli dealerships in Conshohocken or Springfield you purchased your ride from, we want to make sure you and everyone you love is safe on the road at all times, and that includes your furry friend! Have a great road trip, and stay safe!


Photo Credit: Spanky via photopin (license)