Hyundai, an automaker known for its ‘New Thinking’ approach, recently put its innovation to the test. With the philosophy of caring for its customers and the goal of helping people all over the world connect with their friends and family, Hyundai set out to help one girl in Texas send an out-of-this-world message — literally. Thirteen-year-old Stephanie’s father is an astronaut on the International Space Station, and she wanted to tell him how much she loves and misses him.


With the help of 11 Hyundai Genesis cars and a team of professionals, Stephanie was able to accomplish her goal and reach her father. Using the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada as a blank canvas, the Genesis sedans spelled out her hand-written message. When all was said and done, Stephanie’s colossal message covered an area more than one and a half times larger than Central Park in New York City — more than two square miles.

“I’m happy that he could see it and know that we’re thinking about him back home,” Stephanie said. “He’s seen so many amazing things up there, but I hope that this message was the most special.”

Bringing Stephanie’s message to life was no easy feat for Hyundai and many factors in the planning stages of the project contributed to its success. For instance, the weather and terrain had to be perfect, as wind or rain could instantly wipe the message away. In addition, the cars had to be completely in sync to perform the track writing, which is why Hyundai used the Genesis. Its precise handling and proven powertrain allowed for a flawless execution.

Besides successfully sending Stephanie’s message to outer space, Hyundai was also recognized for creating ‘the largest tire track image’ ever by Guinness World Records.

Check out the video above to see for yourself how this extraordinary project came to life. When you’re done, visit our Hyundai dealership near Ardmore, PA, and take a look at the Hyundai Genesis — the incredible vehicle that made this all possible.