The average family spends roughly 208 hours a year riding in the car, which breaks down to about four hours a week. No matter where you go, from out-of-state trips to grocery store runs to morning drives to school, time in the car should be fun for all. Now, with the addition of Honda’s latest brilliant idea, the automaker is fueling more than just memory-filled journeys — it’s also fueling children’s imaginations.

Honda’s all-new Road Readers app gives Honda owners access to more than 100 audiobooks for children, all for free! Available on both Apple and Android devices, the program’s goal is to make it simple for children to learn about great literature while fostering their imaginations. A curated selection of books will be available, including 10 rotating National Teacher of the Year featured books and a variety of genres such as fantasy, adventure, mystery, science fiction and teen, giving children a variety of classic favorites. In addition, most of the books will come with critical-thinking questions that prompt further conversation between the children and their parents.

“The goal for the Honda Road Readers program is to provide an educational and entertaining alternative to the usual car ride and inspire young listeners to vividly imagine,” said Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Honda/Acura Regional Media and Marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in a release. “This effort is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to the brand’s ‘Power of Dreams’ philosophy by encouraging our customers and their families to dream big together.”

The first book available is J.M. Barrie’s renowned classic, Peter Pan. In order to download it and the others that will soon follow, simply register online at There you’ll be directed to download the Honda Road Readers app, where you’ll need to enter your 17-character VIN.

 To learn more about the program, feel free to get in touch with our Honda dealership near King of Prussia, PA!

Honda Road Readers